Loftice office building

De Ruyterkade 12
Bastiaan Jongerius
Bastiaan Jongerius architecten
Odette Olde Wolbers, Anna Schneider, Steven de Greef
Rami Exploitatiemaatschappij
Slavenburg's Bouwbedrijven
NS Amsterdam Centraal
Bron: Marlies Buurman, Maarten Kloos (red.), Amsterdam Architecture 2000-2002, Amsterdam 2003, p.58-59.

Working next to the railway

The office building ‘Loftice’ stands near Central Station. On one side it looks out over the IJ, while on the other side it is situated directly on the railway line. This prompted the decision to design a front and rear structure with an elevated bridge and a light court in between.

The building’s entrance is situated in the front structure on the water side. In keeping with the adjoining buildings, the façade here has an imposing character, thanks to a stone plinth above which is a glazed façade. The rear building on the side of the railway line has a more closed character. Here, the cladding is silver and dark blue profiled steel plates in combination with narrow strips of fenestration. On the top two storeys there is a spectacular view of the city centre from a periscope-like projecting space. (ARCAM/BU)