Bridge Amsterdam ArenA

ArenA Boulevard
Verburg Hoogendijk Architekten
Grondbedrijf Amsterdam
Metro 50-54
'Kooibrug verbindt Arena met station', Cobouw, 21 juni 1997.

Pedestrian bridge to stadium

The sixty metre long footbridge connects the NS station with the Amsterdam ArenA. This station is used only for special events (such as pop concerts) and for so-called high-risk football matches.

When designing the bridge and layout of the area, consideration was given primarily to use by football supporters. For this reason, the bridge has been designed as a tunnel. Textile has been stretched over the ribs so that the supporters of the various clubs cannot see each other and the bridge cannot be climbed. The bridge leads the supporters of the visiting club directly to that part of the stadium reserved for them. It is hoped that this will keep incidents to a minimum. Should incidents occur, riot police are able to intervene via an emergency staircase.