M3 HOUT, private house

Cornelis Zillesenlaan 94
Steigereiland, IJburg
Pieter Weijnen
FARO Architekten
Particuliere opdrachtgever
Kerkhofs Montagebouw, Tachion
Tram 26, stop Steigereiland

House Cornelis Zillesenlaan

This private house has been built on a plot measuring 20 x 6 metres. The blue of the façade alludes to the dike houses in the village of Durgerdam, which is located opposite IJburg.

The ground-floor storey, where the kitchen-cum-living room is situated, is seven metres high, allowing a mezzanine floor to be inserted for the living room. The bedrooms and the bathroom are situated on the top two floors, near a large roof terrace. The house is characterized by the attention given to sustainability, energy conservation and the reuse of materials. The walls and floors are entirely of pine wood. The large south-facing glazed front allows the penetration of warmth. Cooling takes place by means of a pipe system, which carries air under the ground and then back to the house. Rainwater is collected and is used for, among other things, the toilet and the ventilation in the house is CO2 driven. The ventilation grills in the walls are operated by a sensor, which measures the CO2 level, if more or less fresh air is needed. The girders in the façade are old mooring posts from the IJ and the copper sheets, which resemble fish scales, with which the underside of the mezzanine is clad, are from the roof of a church. (ARCAM)