Building Toyo Ito

Gustav Mahlerlaan/Mahlerplein
Toyo Ito
Toyo Ito & Associates
G&S Vastgoed
metro 50, 51, tram 5 stop WTC
Kantoren, Voorziening

The sub-area ‘Mahler 4’ is the first part of the new city district the Zuidas (South Axis) to be developed. Mahler 4 comprises a group of six tall office towers and a residential building.

The urban design scheme prescribed that the towers should be composed of a plinth, a middle zone with offices, dwellings and roof gardens, and a tall tower. In addition, considerable attention was to be given to the organization of the public space in and around the buildings. In the pristine white office building ‘Ito’, which stands on the southeast corner of the rectangular plot on which Mahler 4 is being developed, this finds expression in the voids, large rectangular openings which seem to cut right through the building. As a result, life outside has been brought inside and the boundary between interior and exterior has become blurred for the building’s users. In addition, there is a publicly accessible inner court with trees and benches on the roof of the underground parking garage. The stepped volume of the one hundred metre high building is clad with alternating horizontal bands of white aluminium and glass. In order to make the facade as flat as possible, the closed and transparent facade sections have been placed in the same plane. Despite the building’s sculptural character, ‘Ito’ is a serene structure surrounded by buildings with more spectacular elevations. (ARCAM/LM)