Maike van Stiphout

Maike van Stiphout is a landscape architect (LU Wageningen, MA) and director of DS. Over the past fifteen years, DS has realized a great diversity of national and international projects. Well-known projects include the Tilla Durieux-Park (Potsdamer Platz) in Berlin, Scenario and Stadshart in Almere (in collaboration with OMA), Park Brederode in Bloemendaal, the RWZI West in Amsterdam and the park on the campus of Bordeaux University (in collaboration with Tania Concko architects). DS has switched its focus from city centres to the edges of the landscape, where the landscape architect’s role is primarily that of stage manager. In the game with seemingly conflicting interests, a resilient landscape is created in which all of the new elements must be able to find a place amid the most valuable elements of the past. See: DS Landschapsarchitecten.