Marcanti College

Jan van Galenstraat 31
Sjoerd Soeters
Soeters Van Eldonk Ponec Architecten
Centrale Directie Esprit Scholengroep Amsterdam
Bus 21, 80, 82, 89, stop Markthallen

School building with wedge-shaped ground plan

The new building of Marcanti College is situated on what was one of the last remaining open spaces in the southern part of Marcanti Island. As is the case in this entire area, which is bordered by two waterways and Jan van Galenstraat, the available site was triangular. This is why the ground plan is wedge-shaped.

From the entrance, situated on the short side, access to the classrooms is via a lobby and an open stairwell. The classrooms are housed in two wings which together determine the V shape of the tall and light central atrium. On the wide side of this, in a box-shaped projection, is the gymnasium. On the street side, the building’s appearance is determined by black brick. On the other elevations, aluminium corrugated sheets and strip windows dominate. (ARCAM/BU)