MediArena 2
Cees den Ouden
OeverZaaijer architectuur en stedebouw
Endemol Nederland
station Bijlmer/Arena + 10 minuten lopen
Commercieel, Cultuur, Kantoren

MediArena, the TV studio complex built in 2010 for Endemol Netherlands, is situated directly alongside the concentration of concert halls and cinemas in the entertainment area around Arenaboulevard in Amsterdam Zuidoost.

The design brief for the complex contained two seemingly contradictory requirements. On the one hand, it was to be an idiosyncratic building that exuded a sense of entertainment, while on the other hand it was to have a neutral basis, easily adaptable if required. In response, OeverZaaijer architecture and urbanism and G&S Vastgoed designed a lucidly organized U-shaped building with light-coloured concrete elevations on all sides and a regular grid of windows. Because of the proximity of Schiphol Airport, the elevations are extra thick to block out aeroplane noise.

The building encloses an entrance square, on the east side of which is a water feature with a fountain. An existing narrow watercourse was widened in order to create the water feature. This so-called ‘water square’ is surrounded by stepped terraces and is where visitors to the studios are received. The square continues into the double-height entrance atrium – whose warm and colourful interior was designed by Studio Linse – where visitors and staff members converge and where the ‘entertainment feeling’ begins.

The 24 hour company Endemol is run from MediArena and its internal logistics were therefore crucial in the design. The complex contains set workshops, bars and restaurants, offices and TV studios, where sets have to be changed swiftly and smoothly and visitor flows have to be managed efficiently. In the middle of this logistics machine is Studio 1. With a floor area of 2,500 m2 and a height of 12 metres, this modern television studio is one of the largest in Europe.
The complex is within walking distance of the train and metro station Bijlmer/Arena and has an underground parking garage with 480 parking spaces for the use of the studio audiences who flock to popular TV shows such as ‘Eén tegen Honderd’, ‘Miljoenenjacht’ and ‘All you need is Love.’ (MB)