Mi Akoma di Color

Goed Geluimdhof
Manon Pattynama
Pattynama Ahaus Architectuur
Woonstichting Rochdale
Delta Forte
metro 53 halte Ganzenhoef

Neighbourhood for the residents, by the residents

Renovation of the Bijlmermeer district, which started in 1992, has forced many residents to leave the numerous highrise flats that are being demolished. Some of the people affected have participated in projects in which they can contribute their own ideas about the design of the new residential environment.

The outcome of one such project is Mi Akoma di Color, built on the site formerly occupied by the Grunder tower block. It consists of 35 one-family houses and 17 apartment units. The name is a linguistic hybrid with Ghanaian, Antillean, Surinami and Spanish traces, reflecting the diverse ethnic cultures of the local population. The project includes both private-sector and rental units. Those taking part in the project were given training courses, and went on to design the neighbourhood together with the architect Manon Pattynama from PAarchitecture. A striking feature of the resulting design is the exotic garden in Goed Geluimdhof. The neighbourhood also stands out for its yellow and orange brick masonry and the prominent verandas. (ARCAM/JB)