Mini-Expo | The Amsterdam Floor Plan, a selection: 2013 – 2019

Floor plans tell stories. This Mini-Expo tells the story of the city of Amsterdam of the past five years through 120 floor plans.

House prices are increasing to inconceivable levels. The ambitions for the coming years are historically high; up to 2025 there will be an additional 7500 houses per year, in an interesting ratio of 40-40-20, cheao mid range and expensive. These economical developments, but also the shortage of space in the city, the shift in mobility, the increasing significance of sustainability, the demographic composition and population, changing lifestyles and so on. All these factors have an impact on the way in which we organise residential buildings and dwellings. This should have its reflection in the floor plan.

The exhibition is the result of research conducted by Marc Reniers, architect and co-founder of M3H. As an Architect in Residence at Architectuurcentrum Amsterdam, Marc Reniers researched the phenomena of the floor plan during the summer of 2019.

Marc: “In order to achieve an objective selection based on quality criteria, I have selected the residential buildings nominated for the Zuiderkerk Award and the Amsterdam Architecture Prize (A.A.P.) of the past five years, supplemented by a number of recent, high-profile residential buildings. This results in a list of more than thirty Amsterdam residential buildings with a variation in size, location, architecture, commissioning, financing category, etcetera. In doing so, they form a representative cross-section of the Amsterdam housing market.”

On display are – in addition to general information,  the smallest, the largest, the most unusual and the most common floor plan of each project.  Everything has been drawn in the same neutral, informative sketching style. This results in approximately 120 floor plans, each of which is an interesting story.

Go and see the panorama of floor plans from Monday 9 September 2019 at The Amsterdam Architecture Centre.


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