Oudeschans 2
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D. van der Horst (red.), 'Aan 't schipryk Y...', oude en jonge monumenten rond de historische oevers van het IJ, Amsterdam, 1995

Sixteenth-century defense tower

The tower Montelbaanstoren was built in 1516 as part of the defensive works against attacks by the Geldersen. The later additions of 1606 were built to a design by Hendrik de Keyser. After the city expanded on its eastern side, in 1591 the tower lost its function as a defensive work. It was given a new function as a guardhouse and was lowered so that it would not be higher than the new development.

In 1606, however, the tower was raised again. The octagonal brick superstructure, which now stands on top of the old round section, and the spire date from this period. These additions were designed with the aim of making the towers of the earlier defensive works more visible for the surrounding area. Clocks were also added to the tower. The wooden spire, in the formal idiom of the Renaissance, is clad with lead. The second and third sections of the spire are open and are separated from the first section by a balustrade. (ARCAM/TJ)