Piet Heinkade 3
Oostelijk Havengebied
Nielsen, Nielsen & Nielsen
Gemeente Amsterdam
10 minuten lopen vanaf Centraal Station. Bus 28, 39, tram 26.
Cultuur, Leisure

Concert hall and jazz platform on the IJ

The city end of the two kilometres long Oostelijke Handelskade is the location of Muziekgebouw Aan ‘t IJ, the new home for the IJsbreker and the Bimhuis. Originating from the IJsbreker Centre for Contemporary Music, the new concert hall offers a programme which consists mainly of modern and world music, but also includes some old music, cabaret, musical education, amateur music and audio art. The Bimhuis is a leading platform for jazz and improvised music.

The two organizations (IJsbreker and Bimhuis) are housed in a fully integrated design. The auditorium of the Bimhuis has a distinct ambiance, and projects from the facade of the Muziekgebouw as a striking black box. The building has a single main entrance which is reached from Oostelijke Handelskade by a bridge over the water of the former harbour basin Zouthaven. The basin has been reexcavated, leaving the Muziekgebouw on a peninsula and containing jetties for water buses. The Bimhuis can be reached from the main entrance via a route through the interior of the Muziekgebouw, but it also has a separate entrance.

The Muziekgebouw is 24 metres tall and has five storeys. The facade consists largely of a glass curtain draped around three sides of the building. The building contains a large public foyer that surrounds the concert auditorium. The foyer, designed as a covered plaza, is intended as a reception hall and meeting place which remains open to a varied public throughout the day. It also contains several other public functions such as a grand café as well as an area for exhibitions. The glass facade gives visitors a fine vista across the IJ from the foyer. In front of the building, there is an open space which descends in steps from ground level into the water. (ARCAM/TJ)