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Veemkade 1000-1210
De Architecten Cie - Frits van Dongen
Amstelland Vastgoed
Bus 39-43-59
Dirk van den Heuvel, 'Homogeniteit en differentiatie. Recente woningbouwprojecten van Frits van Dongen', De Architect, januari 1997, p.73-79. M. Kloos (ed.), Amsterdam Architecture 1994-96, Amsterdam 1997, p.58-59.

Two housing blocks between street and quayside

Frits van Dongen has housed 106 dwellings in two symmetrical blocks on the IJ. The orientation – to the IJ and the IJ harbour in the north, and to the city in the south – has determined the appearance of the buildings, the type of access and the dwelling types.

On the water side, the buildings present themselves as a unit. The façade elements are of various materials such as glass, stucco and corrugated sheets. As a result, the interrelationship is clearly visible from the water. On the side of Oostelijke Handelskade, the appearance of the façades is determined by balconies, terraces and the wooden cladding of the two top stories, which makes this façade livelier.

In order to exploit the orientation to the full, all the dwellings have an open floor plan, and walls on the residential storeys have been kept to a minimum so as not to obstruct the view on either side. Situated directly on top of the car park, which is partly underground, are maisonnettes with a void. The storeys above contain maisonnettes of one and a half floors with corridor access. On the top storeys are smaller maisonnettes with a large terrace. (ARCAN/BM)