NDSM hangar

Neveritaweg 15
A.E.G. en J.D. Postma

Former shipbuilding hangar

The shipbuilding hangar is one of the many industrial buildings built between 1916 and 1927 in the vast NDSM yard, which has determined the character of the northern IJ waterfront ever since. The NDSM developed into one of the largest and most modern shipyards in the world, until the early seventies when the oil crisis and increasing competition from other continents heralded a downward spiral. In 1984, the NDSM closed its doors.

After many years of lying vacant, in August 1999, under the name ‘Werkgroep Kinetisch Noord’, a group of artists, theatremakers, skaters and architects submitted a plan to Amsterdam Noord district council for the redevelopment of the former shipyard. The plan was approved and since 2002, the 20,000 square metre indoor space has been divided into a number of bare units for creative users. What’s striking is the colourful DIY architecture, which even earned a place in the 2007-2008 Architecture Yearbook. (ARCAM)