New York / Amsterdam – Downtown

Jacques Veltmanstraat
Rudy Uyterhaak, Hugo Boogaard
Rudy Uyterhaak Architectenbureau
VOF New York Amsterdam (De Principaal, Heddes Ontwikkeling)
Heddes Bouw, Hoorn
Tram 1, 17 halte Station Lelylaan

Housing ‘NewYork / Amsterdam’

The housing complex ‘Downtown’ stands in a line with the densification project ‘New York/Amsterdam ‘ Uptown’. The urban design scheme for this site proposed four urban villas with apartments on a ground level dominated by parking. The architect, however, put forward an alternative scheme based on dual land use, thereby creating a more spacious living environment.

Two housing blocks, which descend in terraces from eight to two storeys, have been realized on this elongated site between Jacques Veltmanstraat and a railway line. The lower two storeys contain spacious five-room maisonettes with gardens. Above this is a wide variety of apartments. Behind the housing blocks, a sheltered street has been created on top of a submerged parking garage. On either side of the street are single-family dwellings with a garden or water terrace. These dwellings, like the lowest storeys of the stepped buildings, are clad in loam-coloured brick. Roof structures with a zinc skin characterize the single-family dwellings. Eye-catchers for the area are the stepped elevations of the high-rise, which are clad with fibre cement slabs and glass screens. Between the blocks are three public spaces, which vary in height and have green areas and play facilities for young children. (ARCAM/LM)