New York / Amsterdam – Uptown

P. Calandlaan, Jacques Veltmanstraat
Guus Baneke, Casper van der Hoeven
Baneke, Van der Hoeven Architekten
De Principaal, Amsterdam / Heddes Vastgoed, Hoorn
Heddes Vastgoed, Hoorn
Tram 1, 17 halte Station Lelylaan
Kantoren, Openbare ruimte, Wonen

‘New York / Amsterdam’ district council offices and housing

The project ‘New York Amsterdam’ forms part of a programme aimed at revitalizing and densifying the district of Slotervaart. In the plan, new council offices with apartments above (baneke van der hoeven) are combined with two housing complexes, single-family dwellings, an activities centre and parking facilities (Rudy Uytenhaak).

The project has been realized in a noise-ridden location, along a railway line and on a busy road. The first part, ‘Uptown’, comprises a quadrate-shaped plinth building containing the office spaces. On top of this, parallel with the railway line, is an eleven-storey apartment block. What is striking is the difference between the fully soundproof, abstract east elevation and the almost completely glazed west elevation.

The corridors, bathrooms, storage spaces and (open) kitchens on the east elevation together function as an internal noise buffer. All of the other rooms are situated on the west elevation and have a view over the patio and roof gardens of the offices underneath. The elevations on this side are characterized by pronounced vertical window jambs, which cause the elevation to look different from every angle. On the side of the railway line, the building cantilevers out in three small steps, thereby subtly softening the block’s monolithic character. (ARCAM/LM)