NIeuw Waterlandplein

Amsterdam Noord
Atelier PRO, Architecten.Cie, Hans van Heeswijk
Ymere, AM, Nieuw Waterlandplein
Dit gebouw was genomineerd voor de Gouden A.A.P. 2014
Bedrijven, Openbare ruimte, Voorziening, Wonen

New shopping centre, housing and high rise in Amsterdam Noord

The urban scheme for Nieuw Waterlandplein, a new shopping centre in Amsterdam Noord, was a collaboration between three architectural firms, with each firm focusing on different sections of this square. Hans van Heeswijk architects were commissioned to renovate two existing residential towers, while de Architecten.Cie designed several new residential towers. The base – the square’s ground floor plinth – together with a tower block, fourteen roof dwellings and roof gardens were designed by Atelier PRO.

The materials and colours were carefully harmonized in order to create a unified whole. The striped motif in the towers by Hans van Heeswijk architects and the gradually lighter stripes by de Architecten Cie also refer to each other. Atelier PRO’s designs for the ground floor plinth, roof dwellings, roof gardens and a residential tower are executed in a robust reddish brown brick.
Throughout the entire area an iron beam has been positioned on top of the plinth base. Large floor tiles with depictions of butterflies, an artwork by Berend Strik, mark the entrances to the dwellings in the square. There is also a library, the interior of which was designed by Atelier PRO. Residents on the higher floors above have a view of a parking floor which, with its bright blue colour, resembles a swimming pool.

The ground floor plinth of Nieuw Waterlandplein by Atelier PRO is one of the projects nominated for the 2014 Amsterdam Architecture Prize. (RB)


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