NIEUWE PERSPECTIEVEN / NEW PERSPECTIVES – Marineterrein, Yale and the Oosterdok

It looks like the Marineterrein is to have a new future. This hitherto publicly inaccessible naval complex is gradually being opened up to the public. In December, the Government and Amsterdam City Council intend to sign an agreement regarding the site’s redevelopment, with the aim of giving it a new public function.
Potential new uses for the Marineterrein have long preoccupied the thoughts of architects and planners. This has prompted ARCAM to put together an exhibition, which will open on 15 November, showcasing an overview of the ideas for a possible new purpose for the site.

Yale School of Architecture
Prominent in the exhibition are nine schemes by students at the Yale School of Architecture. Nine scale models with explanatory panels illustrate the ideas, ranging from a park or cultural centre to developing strategies that take the site’s nautical character as their departure point.
Also read the online publication The Navy Yard, Yale and Oosterdok – New Perpectives, with texts by Isaac Kalisvaart, Alex Garvin, Frits van Dongen and Maarten Kloos. (14 MB)

Plans spanning 30 years
These nine schemes are shown against the background of artists’ impressions and models of plans made in the 1980s by, among others, Henk de Boer, Teun Koolhaas, Koen van Velsen, Peter Defesche and Amsterdam’s planning department (DRO). The exhibition also includes more recent studies by Karres and Brands, Xoomlab and Liesbeth van der Pol, as well as three student graduation projects.

At the centre of the exhibition is a discussion table. Groups representing diverse lines of approach, interests and concerns will be invited to discuss how the transformation of the Marineterrein might take shape. The results of these discussions will be immediately incorporated in the exhibition.

The exhibition has been made possible with the assistance of Isaac Kalisvaart (2013 Bass Fellow Yale School of Architecture and former CEO at MAB Development), Rijnja Repro, Erco Lighting and the participating architects and planners.
In their preparations, the Yale students benefited from access to material compiled as part of the event ‘Oosterdok United’ (ARCAM and DRO, spring 2013).


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