Peter van Assche, Reinder Bakker, Hester van Dijk, Mathijs Cremers, Jorrit Vijn
Overtreders W, bureau SLA
Young Designers
eigen initiatief
Initiatiefnemers: Peter van Assche (Bureau SLA), Reinder Bakker (Overtreders W) en Floor Ziegler (Noorderparkkamer)
Overtreders W, bureau SLA, Jorrit Vijn
Bus 34, 35, stop Sneeuwbalstraat
Dit gebouw was genomineerd voor de Gouden A.A.P. 2013.
Groen, Leisure

Pavilion from Marktplaats

At the beginning of 2012, an unusual pavilion was completed on the west side of the North Holland Canal. The pavilion, which houses a bar, is perhaps typical of this age of unconventional, offbeat and bottom-up building, because it was designed and built by a group of local residents who initiated the project.

Because they felt there was a need for a bar in their neighbourhood, they decided to do something about it themselves. They managed to persuade Ymere housing association to make a financial contribution in order to kick-start the project. They themselves then made the biggest investment by putting in a huge amount of time in designing, collecting material and assembling the pavilion, which consists entirely of second-hand materials from the advertising website Marktplaats. Because they were dependent on the materials they could find online, it was not possible to follow the design drawing exactly. What was certain from the outset, though, was that the basis of the building would consist of three container frames. Two of these were placed one behind the other and together they form the ground floor, with the third container positioned on top.

The exterior cladding consists entirely of charred wood planks, which are positioned on the frames at some distance from each other so that the lamps inside illuminate the pavilion’s surroundings in the evening. During the day, the spaces between the planks allow sunlight inside. The walls and roof of the rear container, which contains all of the amenities, consist entirely of windows with white frames. The daylighting gives the interior a bright and spatial appearance. A verandah can be closed off with large doors. On sunny days, these doors are wide open and welcome everyone in Noorderpark. (ARCAM/CL)


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