Oeverpad III

Meer en Vaart 27
Mecanoo Architecten
Heijmans IBC Bouw, Almere
Tram 17 stop Meer en Vaart

Housing block nearby Sloterplas

This housing block is situated in a very green setting on the west side of Sloterplas, in the centre of Westelijke Tuinsteden. In order to allow as many dwellings as possible to benefit from the view over the water, it was decided that the closed block proposed in the urban design scheme should not be built, but rather that the side on the lake should be left open.

The apartments originally projected here are stacked on the south and west volumes, giving rise to a U-shaped complex with a building height of nine storeys on the south and west sides and a four-storey north side. The complex is built on top of a half-submerged parking garage, which at the level of the inner court is hidden from view by a wooden deck. A large square opening in the middle reveals a courtyard garden and allows natural light into the parking garage. Spacious entrance foyers and passageways connect the courtyard with the surroundings. The elevations on the courtyard are characterized by a varied use of materials (brick, wood, and a steel ‘curtain’, which clads the access gallery on the south side). The lowest levels of the elevations on the street side are clad in brick and form a solid base for the mainly glazed superstructure. (ARCAM/Bu)