Olympic Impact

The summer of 2012: European Football Championship, Wimbledon, the Tour de France and the Olympic Games. The London Games in particular will attract a great deal of attention in the Netherlands because the possibility of the 2028 Games being held here is currently the subject of much debate.
This debate is focussed primarily on the decreasing public support, the competition between the host cities Amsterdam and Rotterdam as to which city might lend its name to the event and, most recently, the provision of information surrounding the assessment of the financial risks.

Such discussions are hugely fascinating. And there is the ongoing search for space for sport and events in the city. This spring, ARCAM is analysing the approach to the physical insertion of the Games in the Netherlands and is looking for directions in which this the world’s biggest event might develop in the run up to 2028. During the coming sporting summer, the results of this study will be presented in the exhibition ‘Olympic Impact’. This will include a report on the increasingly concrete proposals for accommodating the ‘Big 5’ (the five largest Olympic facilities), for the distribution of the sports events across the country and for the necessary infrastructure. In addition, Olympic future impressions will show ground breaking, even revolutionary, concepts for accommodating the Games.
Reasons enough for a vigorous debate about the way in which the Netherlands and the world might experience the Games in the coming decades.

The exhibition was opened by Cees Vervoorn, lector elite sports and education, triple Olympian.

Prior to the opening, Stad-Forum organized a debate about the function of and space for sport in (future) metropolitan situations, case Zuidas.