Onder de Pannen housing complex

Rengerskerkestraat, Nierkerkestraat, Clauskindereweg, Simonskerkestraat
Stadsdeel Nieuw-West
Zuidwest Kwadrant
Jef Reintjes
Leo Kr'se, Victor Ackerman
Algemene Woningbouw Vereniging Amsterdam
Smits Bouwbedrijf Beverwijk
Tram 1 stop Baden Powellweg
Voorziening, Wonen

Housing complex ‘Onder de Pannen’

In the Zuidwest Kwadrant (southwest quadrant), a neighbourhood in the heart of the Westelijke Tuinsteden, a block with small commercial spaces and dwellings has been demolished in order to make way for a complex with in addition to rental and owner-occupied dwellings, apartments for the disabled, communal dwellings for handicapped children, a social services office and a paramedical centre.

The layout of the complex is allied to that of the surrounding L-shaped and open row layouts. However, the rectangular housing block has two large openings in the west wall, giving rise to ‘turrets’, and a low ancillary building has been built in the open south side. The basement contains storage spaces and a parking garage. Above this are inner courtyard gardens, which are for the use of residents only, and eleven spacious patio dwellings. In order to foster social control, the ground floor of the building contains dwellings, each with a front door on the street, rather than storage spaces. The four-metre-high split-level dwellings are a striking feature. The upper-floor dwellings are accessed via wide galleries on the inside of the block. All of the dwellings are geared to the handicapped; for example, doors and hallways are wide enough for wheelchairs and the bathrooms are spacious. As regards architecture and use of materials, the building is a fresh addition to the existing development, which dates from the fifties. (ARCAM/LM)