Bos en Lommerplein 325
M.F. Duintjer
Tram 7-14; bus 18-64-82-89
P.K.A. Pennink, Marius Duintjer, Architect, Amsterdam 1986, p.43-56.

Church building with rectory and community centre

The Opstandingskerk used to form the centre of Bos en Lommerplein, a busy junction in an urban situation without many spatial reference points. Duintjer has responded to the anonymity of this site with an autonomous object, which, with its eye-catching form, opposes the lack of character of its surroundings. Because of the quirkily shaped tower, the building has been dubbed ‘De Kolenkit’ (the coal-scuttle).

In addition to space for services, the church also contains a rectory and a community centre. Duintjer has clarified this functional diversity by creating differences in level in the interior. A raised forecourt contributes to the delineation of the site. The ribs between the church’s tall windows are repeated in the facades of the low-rise building and in the structure of the rectory. The repetition of this motif reinforces the internal cohesion of the design. The differently orientated tall windows give rise inside the ‘Kolenkit’, in the interior of the body of the church, to a startling play of light. Light is an important element in the five other church designs by Marius Duintjer. (ARCAM/WL)