P.C. Hoofthuis

Theo Bosch
Universiteit van Amsterdam
Tram 1-2-5-13-11-17
Theo Koster, 'Letterenfaculteit Universiteit van Amsterdam. Een dienstbaar gebouw', de Architect, september 1984, p. 80-85; Hans van Heeswijk en Paul de Ley, 'Gebouw voor de faculteit der letteren te Amsterdam', Bouw, nr. 13, juni 1986, p.36-41.

Faculty of Arts of the University of Amsterdam

The one hundred metre long Faculty of Arts building is situated on Spuistraat and Singel. The building’s facade is repeatedly interrupted by deep indentations. There were three reasons for this: to break the length of the building visually, to guarantee sufficient light penetration and for a better link-up with the adjoining canal buildings. Because these recesses in the west elevation are staggered in relation to the east elevation, the minimum width of the building is only 2.50 metres.

Oriels and niches emphasize the verticality of the facade. The building has seven storeys. On the lowermost storey, the entrance area is emphatically also intended as a public space. The first three storeys house the central facilities, such as the library and the canteen. Above this are the seminar rooms and work rooms. The architectural firm also designed the interior. The latter is characterized by colours which indicate the routing through the building. The building has a concrete construction which consists of a spine of meandering beams supported by heavy box columns and small piers. On either side of this spine is a skeleton of precast concrete beams and hinged columns. (ARCAM/IK)