Passenger Terminal Amsterdam (PTA)

Piet Heinkade 27
Oostelijk Havengebied
Larry Malcic
Hellmuth, Obata & Kassabaum (HOK )
Gemeentelijk Havenbedrijf Amsterdam / NS-stations
Infra, Leisure

Mooring facility for cruise ships

The newly built passenger terminal for cruise ships was one of the first new projects completed as part of the regeneration of Oostelijke Handelskade. The terminal is used by shipping companies and their passengers for the greater part of the year. Outside the cruising season, it functions as a venue for events, exhibitions, fairs and conferences.

The 24 metre tall building is largely clad in glass. The transparency of the building is such that cruise ships moored in the IJ can be seen through the building from Oostelijke Handelskade. Conversely, passengers in the seven thousand square metres terminal hall enjoy a broad view of the city. The building’s wavelike shape hints at the water of the IJ and gives the building a nautical ambience.

Since thousands of cruise passengers land here annually for a visit to Amsterdam, the main premiss of the design was that the building should be a clear junction point between the water and dry land. This function will expand in the future to that of a multimodal traffic node, complete with jetties for water buses, car and coach parking facilities, a taxi rank and a stop for the IJtram. (ARCAM/TJ)