Planning Sex in the City

Currently, the Netherlands is closing down more and more “Red Light Areas”. Besides the reduction of windows in the Amsterdam Red Light District, Den Haag might also follow the trend to close down two of its red light streets. The question is, however, can closing down red light areas reduce organized crime? What is the larger urban impact of reducing windows to an urban area? And are there planning or architecture examples that can increase social control but retain the necessary social diversity?
Urban researchers around the world will discuss on the above topics by comparing Amsterdam with world cities under the theme of "Prostitution and Tourism”, “Prostitution and Neighborhood”, “Transnational Sex Work”, and “Red Light District Re-construction". The world cities include: Amsterdam, Antwerp, Sydney, Hong Kong, and Bangkok.

With: Manuel Aalbers (UvA), Michael Deinema (UvA), Maarten Loopmans (KU Leuven) Sandra van Straaten (Researcher Red Light District Amsterdam), Tim de Boer (Independent Researcher) , Tsaiher Cheng (Boundary Unlimited).

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