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Buiksloterweg 9b
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Dienst Publieke Werken
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Dwelling in oldest police station Noord

Further along from the Tolhuis and the buildings on the former Shell complex, on Buiksloterweg there is a cluster of dwellings built in the early nineteenth century. This is where the lock keeper at the Willemsluizen, one of the locks on the North Holland Canal, and his assistants lived.

The canal, which was completed in 1824, partly followed the course of the old Buikslotertrekvaart and provided a shorter route from Amsterdam to Den Helder. The first police station in Amsterdam Noord stands, rather out of place, close to the Willemsluizen. The square building is clad with wood and has a pavilion roof. Built in 1916 by the public works department, it is in the style of the Amsterdam School, the dominant style at that time, and provides, as it were, a foretaste of the garden villages situated close by. The police station originally contained a constable’s room, a room for the station commander, a bicycle storage facility and two cells. It was first used by the municipal police force and later by the river police. Today it is a private dwelling and has national listed status. (ARCAM/FG)