Park+Ride Zeeburg

Zuiderzeeweg 46a
Rowin Petersma
Thomas Elshuis
Gemeente Amsterdam, dienst IVV
Tram 26, halte Zuiderzeeweg
Infra, Voorziening

Park and Ride Zeeburg

Amsterdam has a severe shortage of car parking capacity for its visitors, residents and businesses, especially in the city centre and the Easter Docks area. One measure the city has adopted to tackle this problem is the construction of temporary parking amenities on the margins of the city. These all have good public transport connections to the city. One such Park and Ride facility was completed in mid 2005 on Zeeburgereiland.

The Zeeburg P+R has room for about 250 vehicles and is easily reached from the A10 orbital motorway. The IJtram provides it with a speedy public transport connection to the city centre. The car owner can park there all day for a modest fee and on payment receives two free return tickets for public transport. Coaches can also use the P+R facility.

The site plan and the design of the simple facility buildings (a supervisor’s office and a toilet block for bus and coach drivers) are by architect Rowin Petersma. The artistic elements incorporated into the design were made by Thomas Elshuis. The supervisor’s office resembles a stack of two simple, box-shaped structures of metal ribs. The spaces between the ribs of the lower box are closed with glass walls, producing a relatively transparent working space for the supervisor. The upper box has open sides and accentuates the provisional character of the facility. Four translucent banners with images, created by Elshouse, are mounted transversely between the ribs of the upper section.

After demolition of the sewage treatment works on Zeeburgereiland, the island will be developed as part of the new city district of IJburg. The P+R facility seems a smart way to use this area in the meanwhile. (ARCAM/DW)