PRIXDEROME.NL 2010 Architecture

The Prix de Rome is a Dutch ‘state’ prize for artists and architects up to 35 years of age. The prize is intended to stimulate artistic development in an international context. In this year’s Prix de Rome Architecture, ARCAM is the partner of the state academy for the visual arts in exhibiting the work produced for this prestigious prize.

The PRIXDEROME.NL 2010 jury – chairman Aaron Betsky (USA) – selected 4 nominees:
Jeroen Spee & Jeroen Steenvoorden
Thijs van Bijsterveldt & Oana Rades
Olv Klijn
Johan Selbing & Anouk Vogel

They were chosen from a longlist of 10 kandidates. The other 6 are: Monika Pieroth, Jenny Eklund & Dominique ter Beek, Huub Donkers, Cindy Wouters & Marie Rannou, David Smidt van Gelder en Saxon Lear Duckworth.