Architecture Now

Architecture Now 24: Architecture and the Computer

What is the physical impact of data on our built environment?

(NL) Architecture Now 23 | Designing with data today

(NL) How can architects use data for their design?

Architecture Now 22 | History of the computer in architecture

In this trilogy, we speak with architects who use the computer to design.

Architecture Now 21 | Feeling at home

With introductions by one of the essayists / editors of the Architecture Yearbook, we discuss how architects can contribute to a new feeling of ‘home’.  

(NL) Architecture Now 20 | Verhaal als fundament

(NL) Hoe kunnen architecten bijdragen aan een nieuw gevoel van thuis?

Architecture Now 19 | My friend, the architect

In this season of Architecture Now, we examine the role of architects and urban planners in a changing society

Livecast Architecture Now #18 | Designing for the 1.5mtr society

(NL) Join the Livecast to learn more about designing for the 1.5mtr society.