Concrete (renovatie)
De Key
Bedrijven, Commercieel, Leisure

REM island has been located in Amsterdam’s Houthavens since 2011. It is known mainly for being the platform in the North Sea from where, for four months in 1964, commercial television was broadcast. Although in the 1950s and 60s many were in favour of authorizing commercial broadcasting companies, the Broadcasting Act allowed only six non-commercial companies. A number of individuals therefore decided to position a platform, called REM island, in the North Sea, just outside Dutch territorial waters, from where they commenced broadcasting on 15 August 1964. For four months, households were able to receive television programmes from this platform, until the law was changed, bringing the transmissions to an end. The state department of roads and waterways subsequently used the platform as a measuring station.

When in 2006 the platform was threatened with demolition, it attracted the attention of Nick van Loon and Hilly Engels who saw its potential as a restaurant. Together with the housing association De Key and the design office Concrete, the platform was converted to its new use.
Concrete’s transformation was in the spirit of the original design: all additions, including an extra storey, a ventilation system and a large lift shaft, were purely functional. In 2011, after a three-year renovation and transformation, REM island began its journey from Delfzijl to Amsterdam, arriving at Haparandadam 36 hours later.