Restaurant ‘De twee cheetahs’

Plantage Kerklaan
Onno Vlaanderen Architecten
Tram 6, 9, 14
Marlies Buurman, Maarten Kloos (ed.), Amsterdam Architecture 1997-99, Amsterdam, 2000, p.86.

Restaurant in zoo ‘Natura Artis Magistra’ (Artis)

Near the centre of Amsterdam, on the edge of the former shipping quarter, is the nineteenth-century zoo ‘Natura Artis Magistra’. In the late 1980’s the zoo showed signs of neglect and it became clear that expansion was necessary. A master plan was drawn up and a narrow strip of land along the water of Entrepotdok was added to the zoo. The new restaurant is situated on this strip, with, on one side, a superb view of the new animal enclosures and, on the other, of the historic warehouses across the water.

The restaurant consists of a tall, elongated glass building, into which a quirkily shaped brick volume, containing the kitchen and washrooms, has been slotted. There are restaurant floors on different levels connected by sloping walkways and stairs which snake through the building like mountain paths. This results in a wide variety of areas, each with a different orientation. The glass façade is articulated by vertical wooden posts, placed at irregular distances from each other. The natural materials (brick, concrete, zinc and wood), which have been used are untreated. A bond of seven different brick formats was specially developed for this building. (ARCAM/Bu)