Restaurant Noorderlicht

t.t. Neveritaweg 33
Steven Gerritsen architect
Stichting Kinetisch Noord
kunstenaars en bedrijfjes van de NDSM-werf
Cultuur, Leisure

The Noorderlicht restaurant occupies a recycled Romney shed with curved wooden purlins and a cladding of transparent corrugated panels. Beneath this there is an insulated wooden building which contains the “winter restaurant”. The space in the uninsulated outer shed is for use in warmer weather. Excessive heating has been avoided by raising an area of the roof to make room for ventilation flaps. Apart from the foundations (an inverted concrete rectangular tank which floats on 18 metres of mud, fabricated by a recognized construction company), Noorderlicht is the product of collaborating small businesses and artists on the NDSM Site. (ARCAM)