Rowing-club De Hoop

Weesperzijde 65a
A. Komter
K.A.R.& Z.V. De Hoop
Metro 51-53-54
Forum 1950, p.49; Forum 1953, p.228; W. de Wit, Auke Komter, architect, 1978.

Club accommodation with boathouse, dressing rooms and festive hall

The first building of rowing club De Hoop, designed by Michel de Klerk and completed in 1923, was destroyed during the Second World War. After the war Auke Komter designed a new clubhouse on practically the same spot at the Weesperzijde.

The ground floor of the clubhouse is mainly used as a boat shed. The combined width of two boats and a central aisle (5.50 m) was chosen as the starting point for the floor plan. This measurement is repeated eight times in the length and three times in the depth. The building is divided by concrete columns in accordance with this module. The surfaces between the columns are filled with brick. A decorative brick pattern has been used and playful elements have been added to the functional building in the form of angled roofs and a crow’s nest.

The main entrance on the first floor is accessed via a wide, freestanding staircase, which creates the illusion that one is entering a vessel. At the end of a long corridor, which gives access to the changing rooms and WCs, is the clubroom. ‘Sweaty and dressed’ had to be kept separate, which is why there is a small staircase that connects the boat shed and the changing rooms. The clubroom and the adjoining terrace provide a stunning view over the Amstel. A spiral staircase leads from the clubroom to the second floor where the committee room and a smaller room are situated. (ARCAM/JG)