Erasmusgracht, Leeuwendalersweg, Bos en Lommerweg
Jurgen van der Ploeg
FARO Architecten
Far West, AWV
Giesbers Maasdijken Bouw
Metro 50

230 metre-long housing block

The spatial, social and economic renewal of the city’s Westelijke Tuinsteden (western garden suburbs) is progressing. In the Kolenkitbuurt area, for example, in 2008 a number of residents moved into the new apartment complex ‘Scala’. Their former dwellings, porch-access flats built in the 1950s, have now been demolished in order to make way for more new build.

The 230 metre-long housing block Scala is situated parallel to the railway line and comprises six contiguous building sections. The north side contains sheltered dwellings for, among others, elderly residents with dementia. On the south side, the complex is terminated by a fifteen-storey tower with a sculptural character. The latter has been achieved by allowing the living rooms on the side of the railway line to project and by positioning the balconies on the low-noise side. One of the penthouses has a panoramic view due to the elongated window on the top storey.

The connecting section, which is six storeys high, is divided into four by narrow ‘alleyways’, which provide a view through thanks to the fact that the stairwell is open and the lifts are transparent. The dwellings on the ground floor have their front door on the street and a balcony on the side of the railway line. The galleries and the exterior spaces of the dwellings on the storeys above alternate per building section. As a result, the building has no rear sides. The elevations comprise areas of brown and orange brick with orange window frames surrounded by eye-catching white frames. Architecturally, the aim was to establish a relationship with the meticulously detailed brick architecture on the centre side of the A10 ringway. (ARCAM)