Science & the city

The Science Park, a site in Amsterdam Oost/Watergraafsmeer, where high-quality technological research is carried out, is to be further developed in the coming years into an international knowledge centre. The site already houses the AMS-IX internet hub and in the ground there is an extensive fibre optics infrastructure. The UVA (University of Amsterdam) has well-developed plans to locate its new Faculty of Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Information Science (FNWI) here. Plans exist to build a station on the site. In order to make this possible, the city council has announced that it aims to realize housing on the sports complex to the south of the railway line. This has caused quite a commotion and feelings are still running high. But who are the interested parties, who makes the decisions and how does such a process proceed? The exhibition layd bare the entire process and unraveled the development of the Science Park.