Architecture guide IJburg


This architectural guide to IJburg is an excellent tool for exploring Amsterdam’s most recent urban expansion area. Three routes, over Steigereiland, Haveneiland West & Kleine Rieteiland and Haveneiland Oost & Rieteiland Oost, take in architectural highlights, numerous bridges, colourful streets and spectacular viewing points. The routes are delineated on easy-to-use maps. The guide contains a brief description of each walk and points out a number of unusual features. The comprehensive index lists all of the buildings (including private houses), bridges and parks. Also included are tips on places to eat and drink and for an overnight stay, a list of artworks and literature on IJburg. In short, a compact, handy and delightful guide for discovering IJburg. Price: € 7,50 ISBN: 978-90-820543-0-9 Published in: 2013 English and Dutch Design: Sjoukje Kloostra Printing: Jubels Order online