Architecture Guide Eastern Dockland

KAART_OOST_BINNEN.inddThe Architecture Guide Eastern Docklands is a dual-language publication about the famous former dock area in Amsterdam which was transformed in the early 1990s into what is now one of the city’s most popular residential districts.

The high-quality architecture, the distinctive urban design and eye-catching bridges have for years attracted tourists from this country and abroad: it is an open-air museum of architecture and heritage. This guide contains concise introductions that point out historical backgrounds and the principal urban design features. A comprehensive index contains a wealth of reliable information about buildings, artworks, bridges, public space, parks and tips on where to eat and stay. Four walking and cycle routes will take you through this unique area.

Oostelijk Havengebied. Foto: Marcel van der Burg

Foto: Marcel van den Burg

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Architectuurcentrum Amsterdam (Y. de Korte met bijdragen van I. Hendriks, D. Wendt en R. Bleumink), BAC (W. Key en M. Peters), architour (P. Vlok).
Full colour leporello, 44 pages interior
ISBN: 978-90-820543-4-7
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Language: Bilingual edition, Dutch/English

De Architectuurgids Oostelijk Havengebied has been made possible by: 
Architectuurcentrum Amsterdam, architour, BAC, Stimuleringsfonds voor Creatieve Industrie, Wonam, De Gijselaar-Hintzenfonds