25 Buildings you should have seen


A grand comeback for the Arcam Pocket '25 Buildings You Should Have Seen - Amsterdam'. In this fourth revisited edition of one of our most popular publications, twenty-five Amsterdam-based buildings of great architectural significance are discussed . The content is renewed with new projects such as the Zuidbuurt of Steigereiland and the Artisplein designed by Michael van Gessel.

The projects are described in four languages (Dutch, English, German and Spanish). The publication contains a preface by Cees Nooteboom and an introduction by Dave Wendt. You will find a rich collection of pictures, aerial views, plans and sections, as well as a large city map. Each discussed building comes with useful directions. An essential item that should be featured in your home library.

Price: € 10,-
ISBN: 97-8907-686-3-627
Year of publication: fourth edition 2016 (first edition 2002)
Dutch, English, German and Spanish