Amsterdam Architecture 2011-2012


This book contains illustrations and descriptions of 26 architectural highlights built in Amsterdam in 2011. A varied selection, including both detached villas and large residential buildings, examples of new typologies and remarkable renovatios, and bridges, schools and a youth centre. Noteworthy are also some examples of new alternative forms of commissioning. With work by Alvaro Siza, Bedaux de Brouwer, Claus en Kaan, Concrete, Dok, FRANTZEN et al, Hans van Heeswijk, Korth Tielens, LEVS, Mecanoo, Ney & Partners, Paul de Ruiter, Rappange & Partners and Wingender Hovenier.
The projects in this book have been nominated for the Amsterdam Architecture Award 2012. The winner is featured on the cover.

Price: 10,-
ISBN: 978-94-61400-51-2
Published in: 2012
In Dutch and English2011-2012