Hertzberger’s Amsterdam

As if it were a travel guide, Hertzberger's Amsterdam can be used to explore (a partly imaginary) Amsterdam. This book celebrates Herman Hertzberger’s 75th birthday and contains a unique survey of his work in Amsterdam, including both unfamiliar plans from his days as a student and highlights from his oeuvre, as well as executed projects (the Student House, Montessori College Oost and Waternet) and unexecuted designs (for the City Hall and the Stedelijk Museum) and a building (Linmij) which has meanwhile been demolished.
Herman Hertzberger was born and bred in Amsterdam and looks back in this book at half a century of living, working and designing in his city. Also, he reveals the future plans of Architectuurstudio Herman Hertzberger.

Publication data:
Maaike Behm, Maarten Kloos (eds.), Hertzberger's Amsterdam
Pocket book
191 pages
Bilingual (English / Dutch)
Published in: 2007
Price: € 19,50
ISBN: 978-90-76863-48-1

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