The publication IMPACT stems from a growing need for an overview of recent urban design schemes in Amsterdam. The first chapter is by Allard Jolles and presents an overview of a century of urban planning in Amsterdam and also looks into the future. The second chapter is by ARCAM and consists of a series of fifteen schemes which are discussed in detail. The urbanistic principles of the schemes, which were selected with the help of a jury, are explained by means of texts and illustrations. In addition, there are maps, specially drawn for this publication, in the same way and to the same scale, of each project. The schemes include Nieuw Sloten, Bos en Lommerplein, De Omval, South Axis, the former dock area Oostelijk Havengebied, the Wester gasworks site, the renewal of the Bijlmer and the A10 orbital motorway.
All of these projects have had a major impact on the city or their surroundings. The third section of the book is by Fred Feddes and deals with the current situation in urban planning.

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Published in: 2005
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