Ring A10

a10Ring A10 binnenwerk

Ring A10 is a colourful book about a motorway and its relationship with the city it serves. This colourfulness arises from wonderment at the road’s marvellous multidimensionality as expressed in the countless stories and ambiences associated with it. Traffic, environmental issues, ecology and urban experience converge in this richly illustrated book, in the context of historical background and various visions of the future.

A number of essays relating to subjects such as the perception of the A10, its history, spatial issues and the road’s importance for traffic flow form the backbone of the book. Authors: Ton Venhoeven, Marsel Verheijde, Jacques Beljaars, Klaas van der Lee, Helga van der Haagen, Johannes Beuckens and Peter Silvis.

Interwoven with these essays is a series of eight walks, which together follow the entire route of the motorway. The inclusion of this route refers to one of the most interesting discoveries made during the research for the book: the surprising richness of the area underneath, next to and along the motorway. This richness is also visualized in the three-part photographic essay (David de Jong) that is interwoven with the walks and the project overviews connected to them.

Price: € 29,95
ISBN: 978-90-76863-89-4
Published in: 2010
Language: Dutch and English
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