Silodam, Westerdoksdijk
Rabo Vastgoed, De Principaal
Bouwcombinatie Graansilo's
Bus 48, 49, stop Barentzplein
Hans Ibelings, de Volkskrant 14 september 2001; Silodam, TV-uitzending AT5 Aanbouw, april 2002.

Residential building on the IJ

The Silodam near Oude Houthaven is a longitudinal dike which was constructed in the late nineteenth century in order to build the grain warehouse Korthals Altes on it. The residential building, which was completed in 2002, at the end of this dam is also called ‘Silodam’ It is a sturdy, brightly coloured building. The piles on which the building rests refer to the fact that Amsterdam is built on piles. Underneath the building, between the piles, is space for jetties where residents can moor their boats.

The building has a public panorama balcony above the IJ, beneath which is space for a ‘grand café’. Plans for a communal barbecue terrace and a crèche in the building were scrapped for financial reasons. The nine-storey building gives the impression that it consists of four vertical sections which have as it were been stuck together. It contains 160 dwellings and a wide variety of dwelling types. Some dwellings extend over one, one and a half or two floors and have different heights.

One type of dwelling is compact, another is wide and shallow, while other dwellings meander over the entire depth of the block. The dwellings are grouped according to type around a communal internal access space. The walls and floors of these spaces have a different colour in each block. Each cluster of dwellings has its own expression on the exterior too, because each type has a different facade cladding and a different window arrangement. (ARCAM/MW)