Exhibition Sluisbuurt Studies

The Amsterdam Architecture Centre will present the possible future of the Sluisbuurt

A new urban planning style
Amsterdam is booming. Due to the rapid growth and the stagnation of building projects during the crisis, a significant housing shortage has arisen. In order to solve this, areas within city limits are being developed at a higher density. By the end of 2016, all eyes are on the concept for the Sluisbuurt, a new residential area at the tip of the Zeeburgereiland with a capacity for 5500 residences. An urban planning style with differentiated high-rise buildings is introduced, which is new to Amsterdam. 

A mixed neighbourhood
The design incites a heated discussion about high-rises and different ways to realise density. Newspaper articles, opinion pieces and debates follow each other at a rapid pace. After a process of public consulting, the city council finalises the plans in autumn 2017, and lowers the maximum building height of the 25 towers (with heights ranging from 30 to 125 metres, and only one tower reaching the maximum height of 125 metres). The Sluisbuurt will become a mixed neighbourhood, with a university of applied sciences, working spaces, shops, water and green areas. The largely car-free residential area will make way for the bicycle. Low-rise buildings mark the streetscape. The 25 towers and the mixed, street-level program give the neighbourhood an urban character.

How high is the low-rise?
In the Sluisbuurt Studies, we look ahead and examine the possible directions the new residential area could take. A pleasant neighbourhood largely depends on an amiable street experience. The question is how to create that. A lot of attention has been given to high-rise buildings, but what is the quality of the low-rise?

This exhibition was realised thanks to the collaboration between Amsterdam Architecture Centre. City Council Amsterdam and the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture. 



Sluisbuurt Avond | Architectuur van de Duurzaamheid

14 Nov 2018 : Archief : News

(NL) Een Sluisbuurt Avond over duurzaamheid versus esthetiek

Cluster X: The Battle of the Ground Floor


We zoom in on Cluster X, part of the Sluisbuurt studie maquette