Smederij – Red Bull Kantoor (hergebruik)

G.J. Langhout
Herontwikkeling: Group A
Sid Lee Architecture
Biesterbos Planontwikkeling
Bedrijven, Commercieel, Kantoren

Forge turns into hotel and commercial units

In 1927, de Smederij (forge) was relocated, together with the Timmerwerkplaats (carpentry workshop), from the former NDSM site Oostenburg to its current location. On the old site, the carpentry workshop and the forge had formed a single unit, but at their new location they were rebuilt separately. Ship components were welded together in the forge.

In the redevelopment of the complex, which is currently underway, consideration must be given to the complex’s partial listed status; the protected components include, among other things, the steel truss structure and the crane runway. The building, which consists of the large forge workshop and five smaller gable roof sheds connected to it, is to house a hotel and various companies, including the headquarters of Red Bull.

The hotel is to be located underneath the most centrally situated shed roof, which is to be raised to 30 metres. As a result, the building will be the eyecatcher in the NDSM yard. A bar area on the top storey will provide a spectacular view over the city. The industrial hall with its steel roof structure will be the heart of the building, where various functions, accessed via two new entrances, will come together. (ARCAM/BU)