Social Cities of Tomorrow

The Mobile City, Virtueel Platform and ARCAM organized a three day workshop ((14-16 February 2012 at ARCAM) that preceded the international conference Social Cites of Tomorrow (17 Februayi 2012 in Amsterdam).
This international conference brought together key thinkers and doers working in the fields of new media and urbanism. Keynote speakers such as Usman Haque, Natalie Jeremijenko and Dan Hill spoke about the promises and challenges in this newly emerging and highly interdisciplinary field of urban design.

Architects and planners, media makers, community organisers, local governments, local entrepreneurs, housing corporations, researchers, activists, designers and artists were invited to participat. The goal of the workshop was to explore the innovative design and usage of digital media technologies to make our our cities more social. How can these technologies be engaged to help solve four 'real world' urban issues?
Click here for the workshop pragram and the four cases.
Check Social cities of tomorrow for the program of the conference and Best practices to read about the showcases.