Solaris Eclips & Telespy office buildings

Arlandaweg, Teleport Amsterdam
Eric Priester, Michael Nijdam
IDEA (Integrated Disciplines of Engineering and Architecture)
H20 Vastgoedontwikkeling, Philips Pensioenfonds
HABAU Hoch un Tiefbau
Station Sloterdijk + 6 min. lopen

A special pair of offices

The pair of offices ‘Solaris Eclips’ and ‘Telespy’ are part of the office district Teleport near Sloterdijk Station. Solaris Eclips has an L-shaped ground plan and is built entirely of steel and glass. The elevations consist of strip windows, which alternate with horizontal bands of glazed brick elements. As a result, light penetrates deep into the interior during the day, while in the evening, the building illuminates the surrounding area like a huge lantern.

Telespy, situated opposite Solaris Eclips, consists of three volumes which are separated from each other by public inner courts. Each volume has a grey plinth, above which are white, concrete fa├žade elements with deep-set windows. The buildings are linked by the expressive, illuminated glass stone columns which support them. They can be seen as an illuminated comment on the darker, solid supports of the neighbouring railway viaduct. (ARCAM/BU)