Supermarket and commercial unit

Nieuwe Foeliestraat, Foeliedwarsstraat
Thijs Verburg
Verburg Hoogendijk Architekten
J. van Kempen
Bouwbedrijf Nieuwe Maten, Aannemersbedrijf Van Baar
Bus 22, stop Kadijksplein
Bron: Marlies Buurman, Maarten Kloos (red.), Amsterdam Architecture 2000-2002, Amsterdam 2003, p.64-65.
Commercieel, Kantoren

Temporary commercial space

Because the route of the IJ-tunnelweg was to be reconsidered in a few years’ time, the eye-catching but shallow gap along this road seemed to be destined to remain vacant, until an adjacent supermarket decided it would be economically feasible to realize a temporary extension here.

This extension, situated on the ground floor, has been combined with two commercial spaces above, partly with a view to the project’s financial feasibility. Because of the presence of underground pipes and cables, the structure had to be light so that no foundations in the ground would be necessary. The construction consists of riveted steel panels, over which is a roof of a synthetic material. On the street side, a perforated steel screen provides unity in the wall and acts as a barrier against the traffic noise. The building is completely demountable and all of the components can be reused. (ARCAM/Bu)