SWEETS – architectonische juweeltjes

The exhibition focuses attention on the architectural, cultural and functional aspects of the bridge control buildings. A replica of each building, to a scale of 1:25, has been made by the artist Kaita Shinagawa (Studio KU+). For the first time, all of the buildings can be seen together as a single ensemble. They provide an overview of various architectural styles, from Amsterdam School to Modernism. H.P. Berlage, Aldo van Eyck, P.L. Kramer and D. Slebos are among the famous Dutch architects who designed one or several of these buildings. The exhibition tells the story of the buildings against the background of local developments (the changing relationship between the city of Amsterdam and its public works department) and national developments (both technical and architectural). The development of the city’s network of bridges, the technology involved, the role of the bridge masters and the cultural-historical value of these architectural gems are explained using infographics, photographs and archive material.

As part of the study ‘SWEETS’, by the architectural office Space&Matter, into new strategies and concepts for the reuse of vacant small-scale utilitarian buildings, a peripheral programme is being organized. For the duration of the exhibition, the lowest storey of the ARCAM building will be fixed up as a studio, where the focus will be on thinking about the future of small-scale vacant buildings. The findings of this study by Space&Matter will be presented here and will include the idea of transforming the bridge control buildings into hotels. Visitors will be challenged to contribute their ideas about a future use for these buildings.

SWEETS is sponsored by: Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, ARCAM, Canal Company, het SNS Reaal Fonds, space&matter, Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie and VSB Fonds.




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(NL) Deze gids is een ode aan alle Amsterdamse brugwachtershuisjes. Prijs: €15,-

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02 Nov 2013 : Event

19:30: lecture by Fred Feddes and column by Tracy Metz Fred Feddes (A Millennium of Amsterdam) speaks from a...

(NL) Suites- hospitality ontwikkelingen

19 Sep 2013 : Lecture

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Boat trip SWEETS

15 Sep 2013 : Event

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Debat & finissage SWEETS

20 Sep 2013 : Discussie

Friday September 20th space&matter and ARCAM organised a final presentation of the project SWEETS.Due to full automation the bridge...

SWEETS: transformation control houses into hotel

11 Sep 2013 : Lecture

Dutch spoken.

Lecture SWEETS

04 Sep 2013 : Lecture

The lecture will be Dutch spoken.


02 Sep 2013 - 06 Sep 2013 : Event

Architectural office space&matter in collaboration with Beate Labuhn organises workshops on the theme of redesign. Casestudy is resdesinging bridge...

Bike excursion ‘SWEETS’

14 Sep 2013 : Event

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(NL) Lezingenmiddag SWEETS

09 Jul 2013 : Lecture

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Peter van Assche, Reinder Bakker, Hester van Dijk, Mathijs Cremers, Jorrit Vijn