1·Lectures | Paul de Ruiter

On 9 March, architect Paul de Ruiter lectures about the carbon neutral society by discussing a selection of recent projects of his office Paul de Ruiter Architects.

Patch 22

Tom Frantzen, Karel van Eijken, Laura Reinders


Eef Kamerbeekstraat/Leo Homstraat, Zeeburgereiland.
Hein de Haan



Public Space – meet-up series

In this series organized by Pakhuis de Zwijger in collaboration with Architectuurcentrum Amsterdam and ECF, we take a closer look at the public space. The simple way to describe the public space is an open space that is accessible to people. However, the way public spaces are designed and function within a city is less […]

(NL) 1·Lectures | Lionel Devlieger over hergebruik

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(NL) Symposium Bouwen voor Biodiversiteit – de sprekers

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(NL) Fietsen! #2 Summer School Thinking City: I Bike Amsterdam

(NL) BLOG – Een overzicht van de conclusies van de workshop I Bike Amsterdam, tijdens de Summer School Thinking City.


(NL) BLOG – De fiets is meest populair, want goedkoop en snel. Maar het Amsterdamse fietsnet lijkt het gebruik, vooral in de spits, al haast niet meer aan te kunnen.

3D printed champagne glasses

(NL) 3D printed champagne glasses (unique editions) by DUS Architects, € 20,- per glass. In the Arcam shop we only sell white champagne glasses, made from PLA (bio plastics produced from corn). The world’s first 3D printed Canal House is being build with the support of this item.

Vouwwow VW01

(NL) The Vouwwow Chair VW01 by Studio Nuy van Noort, € 125,00. The VW01 is made from a single piece of honeycomb cardboard. Honeycomb cardboard has been used for some time in the packaging and transportation industry. It is strong and at the same time lightweight. The material is made of recycled paper and is 100% biodegradable and recyclable.

Vouwwow VW02

(NL) The Vouwwow Chair VW02 by Studio Nuy van Noort, € 559,00. The VW02 is made of a sandwich of six individual pieces of plywood between two layers of PET-felt. This sustainable material is made of recycled plastic bottles. The felt not only functions as the soft and tactile upholstery of the chair, but is also the basis of the entire structure.